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Optimal dental health is an extremely important part of everyday life. The Indian Dental Association (IDA) ensures that the public has the information needed to achieve optimal oral health throughout the lifespan.

The Indian Dental Association

The Indian Dental Association (IDA) is an authoritative, independent and recognized voice of dental professionals in India. We are committed to public oral health, ethics, science and advancement of dental professionals through its initiatives in advocacy, education, research and development of standards.

An authority on oral health, the association endeavors to meet the public needs and expectations. We acknowledge, that oral health is an integral part of general health and well-being. Therefore, our aim is to lead the nation to optimal oral health. Along with this, we are committed to dental excellence and the advancement of dental professionals.

IDA represents more than 50,000 dental professionals and has 30 state branches and 350 local branches. IDA is dedicated to boosting the art and science of dentistry by taking constant initiatives in the advocacy of dental education and research. Oral Health Card is an initiative at promoting oral health awareness and advancing quality dental services in the country.


IDA is committed to dental excellence. Our mission is promote and improve the optimum oral health of the public by innovation in education, training, research, advocacy and related programmes. IDA is dedicated to supporting dental professionals in their practice by enhancing, updating skills and knowledge.

IDA endeavors to accomplish its mission of optimal oral health for all by:
  • Supporting new scientific innovations to meet the changing needs of society and promoting the well-being of the nation.
  • Preventing oral diseases by promoting oral health through awareness and dissemination of information.
  • Conducting Continuing Dental Education (CDE) and professional development programmes to ensure an adequate number of talented, skilled and dental care professionals.
  • Coordinating and assisting scientific and research- related activities among all sectors of the dental community.
  • Promoting the timely transfer of knowledge gained from research to improve public health by educating oral health professionals and policy- makers.

The association is the nation’s most respected leader in promoting the oral health, tobacco cessation and early cancer detection to improve quality of life and eliminate oral health disparities. IDA’s mission is optimal oral health for all Indian by 2020.


Our vision is to
  • Ensure Indians attain optimal oral health.
  • Lead as the authoritative voice of the dental profession in India.
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