What We Offer

Children possessing a Child Oral Health Card are given
  • An oral check-up for assessing dental decay/caries. Dental caries is a disease that generally is preventable. Post check-up, children are divided into four categories on the basis of caries risk. And depending on the child's dental requirement they are advised to visit IDA member dentists (from IDA's Dentist Directory or nearest Child Dental Centre).
  • Children with cleft lip/palate and Craniofacial Anomalies are provided the dental referrals for regular preventive, restorative care and evaluation. Children with clefts have special problems related to missing, malformed or malpositioned teeth.
  • Dentist advise age-appropriate injury prevention counseling for orofacial trauma during sports.
Our Check-Ups
  • Competent well trained dentists deliver lectures on relevant contemporary topics connected to oral hygiene, specially designed for the child’s understanding.
  • Dental check-ups are done using disposable mirrors probes and gloves. A special individualized form is filled especially designed to suit oral health requirements in a child.
  • The check-ups are done on portable dental chairs with proper lighting
  • We utilize school space, some chairs and some PCs to enter the dental health data of the students.
Follow Up

A separate Home Page is created by IDA, which will be linked to your website. This will speak about the exemplary health care facility extended by your School to its students. Moreover, we would provide two distinct links.

  1. The first one will take you to your School’s Oral Health Centre. Using this link, individual students, the school authorities or parents can locate a dentist nearest to their place of residence from a “Dentist Directory” or "Child Dental Centre".
  2. The second one – each student, with the help of a unique ID and a password, can view only his/her dental examination reports online anytime, anywhere in the world. On this same link, using another set of ID and password, authorized personnel from your School can view the Oral Health Status of all the students exclusively.

An Oral Health Kit will be dispatched by IDA to individual students. This kit contains –

  1. Child Oral Health Card
  2. Letter from the IDA with information on the student’s user ID and password.

The Child Oral Health Card would entitle the holder to a 10 to 15% discount on dental treatment- charges, when they visit IDA member dentists, whose names appear in the Dentist Directory or Child Dental Centre.