Teeth Whitening

Although teeth whitening may be one of the safest, non-invasive and cost- efficient ways for teens to immediately boost their appearance, parents should learn about the best whitening options for their adolescent.

Demand for pick up instant, do-it-yourself teeth whitening kits is fueled by image-conscious teens and are not dentist- supervised should be cautiously used. Teens should visit their dentist for a healthy, white smile.

Proper whitening depends upon the use of a custom-made bleaching tray, which only a dentist can properly fit. Some companies sell the materials that allow consumers to make their own whitening tray. But only dentists can assure the proper use of these materials. Without supervision and expertise, these materials can cause damage to existing dental work. As with any dental procedure, whitening should always be done under the supervision of a dentist.

Tips for teens and their parents on tooth whitening

  • Teens should wait for whitening procedures until at least the age of 14. At this time, the tooth's pulp is fully formed, which means the teen will experience less sensitivity.
  • Drink soda and coffee through a straw to prevent discoloration of the upper, front teeth.
  • If you are wearing braces brush and clean teeth meticulously because food and their bi- products can discolor teeth as well as create cavities.